Days of Our Lives Short Recap Thursday, January 14, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Chad confides in Kate about sleeping with Gwen. She urges him to go home and tell Abby the truth before Gwen does. When Abigail confronts Gwen, Gwen tells her about Chad and her sleeping together, and all of the juicy details. Chad comes home, ready to tell Abby the truth, but it’s too late. Gwen tells them that she’s sad she won’t get to see Chad apologizing. She leaves the mansion, saying that she knows how painful the truth can be. Chad begs Abby for forgiveness. Abby chastises him and then walks out in exasperation. Chad cries a lot. Meanwhile, Kate runs into Abe. He’s down about the missing babies, so she buys him a coffee. They sit and chat. He relates that he didn’t get to see Lani grow up, so he was hoping to be able to see her twins grow up. She assures him that they’ll get the kids back and offers her help. Later, Kate and Gwen exchange words in the Square. Kate wants to know why she did these terrible things to Abigail and her family, but Gwen won’t answer.

Dr. Raynor gets a visit from the man who paid her to steal Lani and Eli’s babies: Ivan Marais (Vivian Alamain’s former manservant and partner-in-crime). Dr. Raynor has doubts about committing more baby-stealing and asks what Ivan will be doing with the twins. He tells her that they’ll be fine, but it’s none of her business who he’s giving them to. Ivan wheels the babies – in their carriage – out. He calls his “Madame” to tell her that he’s on his way home. Meanwhile, Justin and Bonnie rush to the police station after he phones Lani and Eli to tell them that they have a lead. Bonnie sits with a sketch artist and tries to remember what Dr. Raynor looked like. She has a lot of trouble doing it. The first sketch looks more like Eli’s mom, Valerie. After Lani gives Bonnie an impassioned plea, Bonnie does better and they come up with a good sketch. Valerie recognizes her. They pull up a match on the computer to Dr. Raynor.

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