Days Short Recap Thursday, January 7, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe tried to help Ava, but she thought he was Charlie. She wanted him to leave her alone. He told her he was a cop. He let her know he wasn’t Charlie. She realized that he wasn’t Charlie. Rafe said he wasn’t going to let Charlie hurt anyone. She said he was too late. She said Charlie killed Tripp. She said the blood was all over the floor. Rafe said there wasn’t any blood. She told him Steve buried the body. Rafe said Steve was in Philadelphia. She said Steve got rid of the body. Rafe wanted to call the police. She didn’t want him to leave her. Marlena and Ben went to Hope’s house to look for Claire. Ben wanted to help Marlena find Claire. Marlena didn’t think she should tell him why Claire was in danger until John came home. Ben said he didn’t need to know why she didn’t trust Charlie. He was going to help her find Claire. Marlena noticed Claire’s phone and said she wouldn’t go anywhere without it. She said she had to be at the house. Charlie and Claire were about to make love. Ben asked if Claire might have left it behind. Marlena said she would never leave without it. He wanted to know why she didn’t answer the door. She said Claire usually went to the basement to practice her music. They went to check the basement. Roman wanted to talk to Abe about Allie. Ava was in the hospital. Kayla wanted to know why she was there . Ava told her Tripp was dead. Kayla was shocked. Ava told her Steve buried him. Kayla said Steve wasn’t in town. Kayla told her she needed another doctor who she didn’t have a history with. Ava asked her about Tripp. Ben stopped Charlie and Claire from making love. She wanted to know why Ben was there.

Claire wanted to know why Ben interrupted her and Charlie. She told Ben to leave. He said he wasn’t going anywhere. Roman talked to Abe about Steve trying to find a relative to match Tripp’s DNA. Rafe told Kayla John told him to go to Charlie’s apartment. He said John told him Charlie was the one who was related to Tripp. Kayla said she never heard of him. Rafe was surprised because he is dating Claire. Ben told Claire that Marlena wanted him to find her. She didn’t believe him. He told her to find Marlena and ask her. Kayla wanted to know why Charlie would have Ava tied up in his apartment. Rafe didn’t know why. Ben stopped Charlie from leaving Claire’s room. Charlie wanted to know what was going on. Claire went to talk to Marlena. Marlena wanted to know where she was. Claire said she was in her room. Marlena said she and John tried to call her. Claire wanted to know what was going on. Kayla went to see Ava. Ava didn’t want to see her. Ava wanted to see Steve so she could tell him about Tripp. Kayla said she called Tripp so she could see that he was alive. Ava called her a liar. Ben told Charlie that Marlena didn’t want him to see Claire. Charlie said he met her family and they loved him. Charlie said he couldn’t keep him there. He said he would call the police. Ben said he they could leave, but he wasn’t going to interrupt Claire and Marlena. Marlena told Claire that she shouldn’t see Charlie anymore. Claire wanted to know why. When Marlena wouldn’t tell her the truth, she told her to leave. Marlena told her John and Steve went to investigate whether or not Tripp raped Allie. Claire said his DNA matched. Marlena said there was a chance someone else could have done it. Claire wanted to know what that had to do with Charlie. Kayla tried to take Ava’s blood, but she wouldn’t let her. She said her son already tried to kill her. Kayla said Tripp loved her and would never kill her. Ava said she was talking about her other son. Kayla wanted to know who her other son was. Ava said Charlie. Charlie went to his apartment and saw that Ava was gone. He panicked that she told the police. He thought no one would believe her over him. He said he couldn’t lose Claire and had to fix it. When he was about to leave, Rafe was outside of his apartment.

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