Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, December 15, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Faith confides in Lola and tells her she is being cyber bullied by mean girls at school. Lola tells Faith she was also bullied when she was her age but she eventually found real friends that understood her. Sharon helps Nick understand that Phyllis isn’t the kind of woman that likes to be rescued by anyone. Nick talks to Phyllis later and tells her that they will set up a payment plan for the money that he loaned her so that she could keep the hotel. Nina gives Chance and Abby an angel tree topper that Chance’s grandma Katherine gave to him when he was a little boy. Lily sneaks into Alyssa’s room add finds a picture of her father AJ and later she looks his name up on the internet and finds out that he had won trophies for marksmanship. Lily later tells Amanda that she saw a pair of shooting gloves in Alysa’s hotel room that were similar to the gloves AJ was wearing in the picture she saw in Alyssa’s hotel room.

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