Days Short Recap Monday, January 4, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad found Abby with Jake. Chad confronted her about being with Jake. Abby said nothing was going on between them. Chad told her about the room she reserved. She said she didn’t reserve a room. He showed her the receipt with her credit card number on it. Jennifer asked Kate if she was embarrassed to be with Jake. Kate said she wasn’t embarrassed by him. She said she was concerned about herself. Ava wanted to know what Charlie was going to do with her. He said he was going to have her committed. Jack confronted Gwen about the clippings she had. Gwen said she was doing her research on the family. Jennifer wanted to know why Kate was embarrassed by herself. Kate said Jake was younger with her. Jennifer told her she dated younger men before. Kate said that made it worse. Jennifer told her she was Kate Roberts and she shouldn’t care what anyone thought. Jack told Gwen that he and Jennifer were back together. He said he and Jennifer compared notes. Gwen said she encouraged Jennifer to get back together. He said Jennifer told him that she didn’t encourage them to get back. Gwen said she planned a party for them. He said the party ended in disaster. He wondered if she had something to do with that. Chad couldn’t believe Abby wanted to be with Jake in his house. She wanted to explain what was going on. Chad and Jake wanted him out of the house so they could talk. Ava wanted to know how Charlie was going to have her committed. He said she was committed before. She said she was on pills then and she was good now. He said he was drugging her food for days. She asked how he got the drugs. He said it was easy. She begged him not to go through with it, but he said he had to do it. She said she would tell what he did. He said no one would believe her. Abby asked Chad to listen to her. He said she was going to lie. He said she booked a room for her and Jake. She said she didn’t book a room with Jake. While they were arguing, she told him Kate and Jake were sleeping together. He said it didn’t make any sense. She said she confronted Jake and he admitted it. Chad said it didn’t explain why Gwen said she saw her kissing him. Gwen told Jack that she didn’t make Abby look through Kate’s things. He told her that the letter and party didn’t add up. Gwen asked if he thought she was plotting against his family this entire time. He said maybe. She wanted to know why she would want to hurt him or his family. Jennifer told Kate not to be afraid to be with Jake. Jake ended up showing up. Jennifer left them alone.

Abby asked Chad if Gwen saw her kissing Jake. He said she did. She said Gwen lied. He said was she lying when she said she heard her booking the room and the bracelet. Abby said she didn’t have a bracelet. She said the bracelet was meant for Kate. Chad asked her why Gwen said she saw her kissing Jake. Abby said she didn’t kiss Jake. Chad asked why would she lie. Abby said she didn’t know. She said it might have something to do with the clippings she had. Jack told Gwen he didn’t know why she would go after his family. She said she knew him. He said he would protect his family. She had trouble believing that. She told him no one hurt their family more than he has. Jake warned Kate that Abby was most likely telling Chad about them being together. He said it wasn’t a problem since they were over. She said she didn’t want it to be over. Gwen told Jack about the things he’s done. He said he did hurt his family. He said she didn’t want him for an enemy. He walked out of the room. Chad asked Abby about the folder. She said Gwen had a folder with clippings about her and her family. He wanted to know why she was looking in Gwen’s room. Abby said Anna told her the nanny was trying to go after her husband. He told her about being paranoid. She told him not to say that to her. He said Gwen was trying to do research on the family. Abby wanted to confront her. Kate told Jake him she was insecure. He wanted to know why she felt that way. She said she was afraid that people were going to say she was too old for him. He said he didn’t care. She wanted to know prove she didn’t if they got back together. Abby and Chad confronted Gwen about the clippings. Gwen said she wanted to research the family. Abby asked her about telling Chad she kissed Jake. Gwen said she lied about seeing her kiss Jake. Chad said if he had known Gwen lied about Abby he wouldn’t have done something. Abby wanted to know what he was talking about.

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