Days Short Recap Monday, December 21, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah called Xander to wish him a merry Christmas. When she got off the phone, Philip showed up and asked if she was talking to Xander. Justin went to Adrienne’s grave. He told her that he missed her and the boys. Chloe ran into Xander. She brought up how she was held hostage. He blamed Theresa for why she was held hostage. Sarah told Philip that she was talking to Sarah. He apologized to her for kissing her. She told him that she wasn’t ready to be in a relationship. He told her he liked her before he left. Brady went to see Kristen. He told her they could focus on their future together. He wanted her to tell him what she saw for their future. She told him what she saw. He gave her a gift from Rachel. Chloe told Xander that she put what happened in Mexico behind her. She was surprised that he was working at Titan. Xander asked if she and Philip were friends. She said they were. He told her that he was spending Christmas alone because he broke up with Sarah. While he was talking to her, Maggie called and invited him over for Christmas. When he got off the phone, he invited Chloe to spend Christmas with him. Justin ran into Bonnie. She said it was nice running into a friend. He asked her about her date with the young guy. She was vague about the date. She asked him about being back with Kayla. He said he wasn’t back with Kayla. He said he was helping Kayla with her son’s legal problems. Bonnie asked if they were together. He said they weren’t. She told him she wanted to get back at him because she thought he was back with Kayla. She suggested that they go on their date. He said he would like that, but he was celebrating Christmas Eve with his family. He said he would invite her. She said his family hated her. He said they could go out in the new year. Maggie told Sarah that Xander was family and should be with them. Xander showed up at the mansion. Sarah wanted to know why he was there. Maggie said she invited him. Sarah was upset that she invited him. She said she moved on. He said he moved on too. Chloe appeared. Victor didn’t want her in his house.

Xander told Sarah that he hoped she wouldn’t be jealous. She said she wasn’t jealous. She got mistletoe and kissed Philip. Xander tried to do the same thing with Chloe, but she wasn’t interested. Philip said he had bad luck with women. Xander said he wanted to try to get along for Victor’s sake. Philip told Chloe that he was glad that she wasn’t alone on Christmas. Sarah talked to Xander. He said she looked beautiful. She said he had to talk to her as if he hated her because they had an audience. She asked him why he brought Chloe. He said he thought it was rattle Philip. Justin came in the mansion and told everyone that he had a guest. Victor wanted to know who it was. Bonnie came in and said it was her. Victor told Justin to get Bonnie out of his house. Maggie said she agreed with her husband. She asked how he could bring her into the house after what she did to Adrienne. Justin told them that she was sorry for what she did. He told them what she did for people who had cancer. Justin wanted to leave, but Bonnie told him to stay with his family. When she was about to leave, Victor told her to stay. Philip told Sarah that he couldn’t believe that Xander brought Chloe to the party. He told her that the kiss was for show. Sarah said she was confused. She said he was confused too. She said she saw his face when Xander brought Chloe to the party. She said he should figure things out with her. Philip talked to Chloe. He brought up the poem he read to her in high school. She remembered the poem.

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