Days Short Recap Friday, December 18, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack talked to Abby about the problems she’s having with Chad. He wondered if someone put the idea of her cheating in Chad’s head. She told him how Chad didn’t forget what happened when she was with Stefan. She said Chad needed to be reassured of her fidelity. Jack advised her to give him what he needed to feel secure. They talked about his problems with Jennifer. She wanted him to fight for Jennifer. Gwen overheard Chad talking to himself about Abby and Jake’s conversation. Chad wanted to know what they meant by not wanting him to be more suspicious than he already was. Gwen asked why he didn’t confront Abby about it. He didn’t want to make things worse. Chad and Gwen continued to talk and he thanked her for her help. She said they were under the mistletoe. While they were standing around, Tony and Anna showed up. Chad was happy to see them. Tony wanted to visit Kristen in prison. When Chad and Tony left, Anna wanted to get to know Gwen.

Rolf went to see Kristen. He gave her a present. It was a picture of her with Stefano and Chad. Rolf wanted her to tell Chad that he had a gift for him too. When Rolf left, Chad and Tony showed up. She was happy to see them. Chad noticed the picture. She said Rolf had one for him too. Lucas and Jennifer talked about what was going on with Allie. They shifted gears and talked about her problems with Jack. He asked her if she was going to work things out with Jack. She said she didn’t think so because Jack was still sleeping with Kate. Lucas didn’t believe they were. Jennifer told him about Julie’s friend seeing Kate check in a hotel with a man whose name started with a J. Lucas said he would ask Kate about it. Jennifer had an idea. They ran into Saul, Julie’s friend, in the town square. They asked him if Kate checked into a hotel with a man named Jack. Saul said that sounded right. Lucas showed him a picture of Jack, but Saul didn’t know who he was. Jennifer was relieved to know Jack wasn’t the one with Kate.

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