Y&R Short Recap Monday, December 14 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Summer tried to convince Theo to take the settlement the Abbotts offered. Brittany told Theo that he should fight if he really thought he’d been cheated, but if he was just trying to get revenge, it’d be best to take the offer. Theo appreciated Summer’s harsh but true advice, so to return the favor, he told her that Sally wanted her job and she was willing to use Kyle to get it. Sally found an excuse to talk business with Kyle, and she tried flattering him. Theo tried to accept the deal for the Parisian boutiques, but he’d come 45 minutes too late. Kyle was glad Theo missed out on the offer. Jack decided to give the boutiques to Theo anyway, to help Theo learn from his mistakes. Jack gave Theo life advice and wished him well. He advised Theo to reach out to his Abbott relatives the next time one of them were in Paris, to try and repair the rift. Elena and Nate agreed to go on another date. Nate found out he’d need a second surgery and that there was a possibility the damage could be repaired. Nate told Elena he’d be okay no matter the outcome, because she’d given him something to look forward to.

Billy was stunned when Lily told him that the witness was Alyssa Montalovo. Billy thought Alyssa was trying to frame him, and he went to confront her, even though Lily tried to talk him out of it. Rey, Sharon and Lola’s talk about the wedding got cut short when Alyssa called Rey in a panic about Lily’s visit. Sharon worried about the stress the case was causing for Rey. Devon and Amanda saw Lily and Billy having a heated discussion. Devon thought it was dumb of Billy to fire Amanda. Devon asked Amanda to dinner and she accepted. Rey arrested Billy for violating his bail. Amanda urged Billy to rehire her.

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