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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander and Sarah realized that Philip was working with Ava. Philip went to see Ava and she wasn’t happy about it. Kayla and Steve were excited that Joey was back in town. Allie went to Belle to talk to her about the case against Tripp. Belle wanted to help and she said that she could. She told her that she wanted to sue him for everything he had. Philip wanted to make sure Ava didn’t reveal their connection to each other since she came forward about being alive. She didn’t want to ruin her relationship with Tripp so she didn’t want him to know Philip was laundering money from Titan for her. Joey was excited to see Tripp, but Kayla didn’t seem thrilled about it at all. Allie wasn’t sure if Belle would represent her because Sami was why Jan was in town. Joey wanted Tripp stay for dinner, but he told him Kayla didn’t want him there because of him. Xander told Sarah about Kristen and Ava’s connection.

Philip told Ava about an intern spying on him. He told her how he convinced him to convince Xander he was on his side. Xander didn’t want Sarah to stay involved in his plan. She wasn’t afraid to help her, but he told her how she was a sociopath. Xander wasn’t sure why Ava was in town unless it had something to do with Steve. Joey noticed the tension between Tripp and Kayla and wanted details. Kayla informed Tripp he could tell him since Steve was there to back him up. Tripp told him how Allie accused him of rape. He talked to him about the DNA test claiming he was the father. Kayla interrupted him and said it proved he was the father. Allie wanted to know what he would get if she sued Tripp. Belle talked to her about the options. Belle wondered if she wanted to go through with the case. Belle warned Allie that Tripp’s lawyers were going to destroy her in court. Joey wanted Tripp to know that he believed he was innocent. He told Kayla that he wanted Tripp to stay and have dinner with them. Sarah told Xander how Philip saw her coming from the Inn and how he kissed her. Xander wanted to kill him, but she told him how he was trying to get him fired. Ava wanted Philip to continue laundering the money or her collection partners would be brutal. Ava wanted him to go because she didn’t want Tripp seeing them together. Ava wanted to know why the person she called wouldn’t answer the phone. Allie refused to back down to Tripp and his lawyers. She wanted to pursue the case.

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