Y&R Short Recap Thursday, December 10, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Chance and Abby spend their first day at the Chancellor Mansion babysitting Miles. Sally asks Kyle if she can be the new head of Marketing at Jabot, but Kyle tells her the position has been filled by Mariah. Chelsea is disappointed because her doctor won’t be able to treat her aneurysm until after the holidays. Adam assures Chelsea they will leave town after she is treated for her illness and is healthy again. Michael offers Billy a plea bargain if he pleads guilty to second degree homicide and he will get five years. Billy turns down the deal and fires Amanda because she thinks he should take the deal. Lily thinks Billy should rehire Amanda as his lawyer, but he refuses to do it. Billy tells Lily that his contact at the police station knows where the witness that claims to have seen him shoot Adam is staying. Lily thinks they should come up with a plan so they can talk to the witness.

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