Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 8, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer ended up with a hangover after hanging out with Bonnie. She told Julie about her night with Bonnie. She wanted to get back at Jack for what he did to Kate. She liked how the guy she was with seemed interested in her. Jack was with Justin and hoped Jennifer didn’t do anything with the guy. Bonnie made it sound like something happened with the guys she and Jennifer met. Jack was shocked until Bonnie let him know she was joking with him. Chad showed up at the garage to see Jake so Kate hid from him. Chad noticed the bed and realized he wasn’t alone. Rafe was surprised when Abe asked him to be the commissioner again. Abe mentioned how Hope wasn’t ready to be back on the force when left. Rafe said he tracked Hope down and talked to her. She didn’t just want to be back on the force. Jack lost his appetite and left the pub. Justin couldn’t believe what Bonnie did to Jack. Abby talked to Gwen and let her know how Gabi left town. She was surprised Gabi didn’t pick things up with Jake. She also told her how she didn’t think Gabi was the one who drugged her. Gwen thought she did, but Abby wanted to confront her about it. Gwen thought she would have lied, but Abby would have known. Gwen wondered who would have done it since Abby was so sweet. Chad thought Jake was with Gabi, but he said he wasn’t with her.

Rafe continued to talk to Abe about what happened when he found Hope. He told him how Hope wasn’t interested in a relationship right now because she wanted to focus on finding Ciara. Abe couldn’t believe Rafe wasn’t willing to wait for her. Hope would wait, but he knew she didn’t want to come back to Salem or be with him. Abe thought he should try, but he didn’t think it would change. Chad remembered how Jake was with Gabi before she left town so he wanted to know what happened. He told him how he broke up with Gabi because of Gwen. Gwen thought things were probably weird at the Spectator because of what happened with her parents. Jack arrived while they were talking. Gwen told him how Abby wasn’t to blame for what happened at the party. He let her know how he apologized to her. Jack hugged Abby and Gwen wasn’t happy about it. Chad found it hard to believe that Jake would get back together with Gwen. Rafe agreed to be the commissioner. Abe told him how Ava was alive. Bonnie didn’t understand why she didn’t hear from Justin. He told her why he didn’t call her. She was willing to be with two people, but he didn’t want to share her. She admitted that she didn’t do anything with the guy she met. After Chad left, Jake wondered if Kate thought he believed what he said. She didn’t think he believed him. She wasn’t sure if they should be together anymore. He wanted to know why she cared so much about what Jack thought. Chad thought about finding Abby’s scarf at the garage and how she was with Jake. He asked her if she was sleeping with Jake.

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