Days Short Recap Monday, December 7, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Allie told Nicole about what she did to Tripp. Nicole was glad that she didn’t go through with shooting him. She wanted to know who stopped her. Allie told her it was his mother. Philip was surprised to see Chloe. They talked and she let him know that she would be working for Nicole. He told her about Xander and how he was after him. Ava asked Tripp not to tell Steve how she’s alive. He told her how Steve stood by his side and couldn’t keep it from him. Steve walked in the room and saw Ava. He wished she was still dead. Nicole told Allie about Allie. Steve couldn’t believe Ava had the nerve to show up in Salem. She told Steve he should be glad she was back and he knew she meant Joey. Xander read the info that Sarah got from Philip’s computer. He was convinced he could bring Philip down with the info. Chloe wanted to know what happened between Philip and Mimi since he dumped her for her. He started to explain what happened. He said he was afraid to get hurt by her and went with Mimi. He told her how he was gambling with Mimi and things got out of hand. Nicole was going to call the police on Ava, but Allie stopped her. She said the police would find out what she did and she didn’t want to go to jail instead of Tripp. Roman, Abe, and Kayla talked about Steve and Tripp. She wanted Tripp out of her place because she couldn’t look at him.

Ava told Steve that Joey tried to kill her and he said he paid for his crime. Steve wanted to take her out of his place, but Tripp wanted him to be careful with her. Ava wanted to talk about things before they did anything. Nicole called Abe and asked him to come over so she could talk to him. Ava was willing to help get Joey out of prison as long as she didn’t go too. Steve wanted to know how he would be able to get Joey out without the police knowing she was alive. She warned him that she had the resources to retaliate against him. Tripp told Steve he was glad she was back because she saved him from Allie. Nicole told Abe about Ava being back. She didn’t want him to go to the police and he wanted to know why. Allie told him that she would go to jail if he said something. Nicole tried to defend Allie and said she didn’t mean to shoot Tripp, but she said she wanted to shoot him. Ava told Steve how she had the gun Allie used when she tried to shoot Tripp. Steve couldn’t believe she happened to be there when it happened. Ava told him that they could both stand by Tripp’s side. Abe agreed not to say anything for now.

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