Days Short Recap Friday, December 4, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip told Sarah he was going to work, but she suggested he work from home so he could avoid seeing Xander. Philip called Ava and left his briefcase on the desk. Sarah went in the briefcase and got his laptop. She downloaded files to a flash drive. When Philip came back, he asked her what she was doing with his laptop. She lied and said she was getting things ready for the charity. Kayla and Steve got in an argument over Tripp moving out. Steve said he wanted to support Tripp. She said she only saw a rapist whenever she looked at Tripp. She told him how it bothered her too. He didn’t want to abandon his son after letting him know that he supported him. She said she hated doing this to him, but there was no other choice. He told her he was being stubborn and put her through a lot. He finally agreed to do what he wanted.

Ava took the gun from Allie and pointed it at her. Tripp stood in front of Allie and asked Ava not to shoot her. He said she could go to jail. He didn’t want to lose her again. She put the gun down. She told Allie not to bother Tripp again. Allie agreed to leave him alone. She asked for the gun back because it was her grandmother’s. Ava told her to leave. Allie ran out. Tripp wanted to know how Ava was still alive. She said Rolf brought her back to life. She wanted to find him, but she didn’t want to get caught. She couldn’t let anyone know she was alive, but she was glad he knew. He didn’t know if he would be able to keep the secret since Joey was in prison for killing her. She didn’t care about the person who tried to kill her. She wanted him to keep her secret so they could reconnect. He told her Allie knew the truth too. Ava didn’t think Allie would go to the police because of what she did. He wanted to tell Steve because he has stood by him. Steve walked in and was surprised to see Ava. Allie went home and told Nicole what she did to Tripp. Allie told her that she put a gun on him. She told Nicole that his mother stopped her from shooting him. Nicole thought it was impossible because Ava was dead. Allie said she wasn’t dead anymore.

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