Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad had a dream about Abby having sex with Jake. Gwen went to see Chad. She pretended to look for Abby. He confided in her about picturing Abby’s head in Jake’s lap. He wasn’t sure what Abby was thinking of at the time. Gwen assured him that Abby wouldn’t cheat on her. He didn’t like how Abby slipped out. Jake and Kate got dressed when Chad showed up at the garage. He wanted to know if Abby was there. Kate hid before Chad saw her. Chad noticed the cot in the garage. He asked him if he was sleeping there. He said he was working on Stefano’s old car. They ended up arguing over the company until Chad left. Kate came out of hiding and asked if he really wanted to move up the corporate ladder. He confirmed he was serious. He let her know that Gwen knew about them. She was upset about it, but he assured her that Gwen was focused on other things.

Abby went to JJ’s room to see Jennifer. They hugged each other. She apologized to her mother about what she did. Jennifer didn’t think it was fault. Abby wondered if she would be able to work things out with Jack. Jennifer didn’t want to think about that. She wanted to think about what she’s grateful for instead of Jack. Abby went home and talked to Chad about where she was. She wanted to invite Jake for Thanksgiving dinner, but he was completely against it. Jack went to Julie’s place with flowers. She didn’t want to see him. He tried to talk to her, but she gave him a piece of her mind. He wanted to apologize for what he did to Jennifer. Julie finally forgave him. He wondered if Jennifer would do the same. She thought Jennifer would eventually forgive him. He was about to leave when Jennifer showed up. Julie asked her if Jack could stay for dinner, but she didn’t want him to stay.

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