Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 25 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Jack, Billy, Ashley, and Kyle gathered for Thanksgiving. Jack invited Summer without telling Kyle. Billy hoped Summer and Kyle would get back together. Summer wasn’t interested in Billy’s opinion, because she still hated him. Kyle slipped his room key to Summer, and they both made up excuses to leave early, and they met up at his place. Summer told Kyle that she’d had stupid insecurities. He was willing to talk and hash things out. She said she didn’t want to overthink this again. Jack asked Billy to do some consulting work at Jabot during his leave of absence. Billy felt like Jack thought he’d spiral out of control without a job. He was offended, and he left. Jack didn’t mean to drive Billy away. Ashley told him that family always returned. Sharon, Rey, Mariah, Faith, Nick, Phyllis, Victor and Nikki helped prepare dinner for the homeless. Devon made a big donation to the cause. Phyllis thought Sharon knew about Faith’s drinking, so she brought it up to her. Sharon confronted Nick for hiding this from her, and she told Faith she’d be punished. Faith explained that the kids were tormenting her over the article. Sharon promised Faith could still lean on her.

Victor worried over Adam. Nikki told him that Adam was getting the best care. She urged Victor to focus on their blessings in life. Amanda found out Elena was spending the holiday alone. Devon invited Amanda to Thanksgiving, but she said she had plans to cheer up a friend. Amanda visited Elena and suggested they order fast food and hang out. Elena accepted the offer. Amanda said she had no connection with Nate, but he was a wonderful guy, and he’d make a fantastic partner for someone else. Elena said she’d gotten an idea of what she wanted, but she didn’t want to hurt Devon. Amanda was sure he’d be fine. Elena told Amanda and Lola that Nate cared about her, and she liked that he did. Elena sent a happy Thanksgiving text to Nate. Lily invited Nate to Devon’s without asking Devon. Devon didn’t want Nate there. Lily said they were family, and life was short. Lily left Nate and Devon alone after dinner. Devon and Nate were able to make the first step toward getting past what happened. Lily had a drink with Billy. He told her Jack thought he was going to slip into oblivion without a job. She hoped he knew that wasn’t true. He appreciated her saying that.

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