Days Short Recap Friday, November 20, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sarah hid when Ava opened the door for Philip. Sarah took a picture of Philip and Ava on her phone. Ava and Philip talked about the love they lost. She told him that she saw Tripp. She said wasn’t sure how long she could stay in hiding. He told her to leave town. She said she had to be able to trust him. She told him to take care of Xander or she would. He said they could use Sarah against Xander instead of killing him. Philip said he could push Xander until he did something stupid. She didn’t care what he did as long as he took care of Xander. Philip said he wanted her to leave him alone once he laundered the money and paid off his debts. She said she would. Sarah met up with Xander. She showed him the picture of Ava and Philip. The picture turned out to be a blur. Xander looked for the apartment online. He found out that a man named Fred Nakamura owned it. They didn’t know if that was a clue. He said he would stake out the apartment and break in it to get the proof against Philip. She said they would take Philip down together.

Belle was shocked to see Jan. Jan gave her a wedding gift. Belle wouldn’t take the gift. They argued over the past. Jan said she wanted a second chance the same way Claire got to get one. Belle opened the gift. Snakes came out of the box. Jan laughed at her and pulled out a gun. When Jan was about to shoot Belle, Claire knocked on the door. Jan kept the gun on Belle when she opened the door. Belle told Claire to go to Shawn and ask him about a bracelet. Belle told her that she wanted to get ready alone because she was nervous. Belle told her that she loved her and closed the door. When Claire left, Belle reached for Jan’s gun. At John and Marlena’s place, Shawn got a message from Belle saying she was parking the car. John went to the hallway. Someone dressed in a wedding dress showed up to meet John in the hallway. When Shawn saw her, he told her he couldn’t wait to marry her. When he lifted the veil, the woman turned out to be Jan. She said couldn’t wait to marry him either.

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