Y&R Short Recap Friday, November 20, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Elena has a dream in which both Devon and Nate are involved but even in her dream she can’t decide which of the two men she loves. Elena has a talk with Lola and Lola thinks that the only way Elena can make a decision is to get to know Nate better and see if she has real feelings for him. Elena tells Nate that if he asked her on a date she would accept his invitation. Chelsea decides she must leave Genoa City for good with or without Adam because it is what is best for her. Chelsea stops by Adam’s place and can’t find him, so she sends him a text asking him his whereabouts. Victor tries to persuade Adam to commit himself to a Psychiatric ward for evaluation. Adam refuses so Victor shows Adam a court order supported by Sharon that says the court believes he must be committed to a Psychiatric ward. Sharon arrives to talk to Adam and tells him she thinks he needs professional help. Sharon and Victor are saddened when Adam asks the people taking him to the hospital to let go of him.

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