Y&R Short Recap Thursday, November 19, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Chance and Abby talk to Jill on video chat to ask permission to use the Chancellor Mansion for their wedding next week. Jill is a little shocked that the wedding is so soon, but she gives her permission to use the mansion and offers to have her decorator get the house ready for the wedding. Ashley also offers to help Abby with the wedding plans. Lily and Amanda talk about their romantic lives and Lily says that she is taking things slowly and isn’t looking for a serious relationship. Amanda tells Lily that she and Devon ordered take out Chinese food and talked like friends. Rey and Paul search Billy’s office after they show him a search warrant and find a single blue earbud that matches one found at the crime scene. Billy hires Amanda as his lawyer and temporarily leaves Chancellor Communications so the company won’t be hurt by his legal problems. Adam tells Chelsea he is willing to leave Genoa City as long as she comes with him and Chelsea tells Adam that she needs time to think about the situation. Victor asks Sharon to help Adam because she is the only one that he can talk to him about his problems and Sharon agrees to help Adam. Victor then goes to Adam’s place and begs him to get professional help.

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