Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Chelsea tells Adam she needs more time to think before she can even be in the same room with him so he tells her he will wait for her as long as it takes for her to make a decision. Amanda tells Phyllis she will look over her contract with Victoria to see if Victoria can fire her for not consulting her on decisions regarding the hotel. Phyllis also tells Amanda about her fight with Nick and Amanda advises her to prove to Nick that she has changed. Nick and Phyllis later apologize to each other and make up. Victoria asks Adam to sign a contract giving up all claims to his inheritance, but he refuses to sign the contract and tears it up. Victoria later meets with Victor and shows him the torn contract and tells him Adam hasn’t changed at all. Victor is convinced that Adam is crying out for help and is even more determined to help his son. Abby arranges a video chat with Nina and Jill as a surprise for Chance at the hospital. Chance tells his mother and Grandmother that he and Abby are engaged and gets their blessing. Chance tells Abby that the doctor is letting him out of the hospital tomorrow so since they want to get married soon they decide to marry at the Chancellor mansion next week.

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