Days Short Recap Wednesday, November 18, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad wanted answers from Jake about his conversation with Gwen. He didn’t want to tell him about it until Chad was prepared to go to Gwen. Gwen went to see Rolf. She talked to him about what she did to Abby. He wanted to know how she got Abby to reveal what Jack did. She told him what she did. She was satisfied with what she did to Abby’s parents so she wanted to go after Abby’s marriage next. Abby went to JJ’s place to talk to Jennifer. He let her know that Jennifer wasn’t there. They talked about what happened at the party. Jennifer confronted Kate about what she did with Jack. Mr. Shin showed up while Chad and Jake were talking. He confirmed that Jake called him. Abby wasn’t sure what would have happened if Chad had did to her what Jack did to Jennifer. JJ tried to assured her that it wasn’t her fault that Jennifer found out the truth the way she did. He blamed Jack for what happened. Jack told Roman what happened at the party. Jennifer couldn’t believe that Kate was with Jack while he was vulnerable just like she did with her father. Kate told her how her parents’ marriage was over way before she came along. Jennifer reminded her how her marriage was fine and she went after Jack. Kate told her how Jack’s heart was involved in what they were doing. Jennifer slapped Kate.

Kate was surprised that Jennifer had it in her to slap her. She ended up slapping her back. Roman had suspected that Jack was with Kate. He saw him with her all of the time and put two and two together. Jack said it happened once and he wrote a letter about it. He said Jennifer wouldn’t have found out about it if it weren’t for Abby. JJ assured her that Jennifer would have found out what Jack did regardless of who told her. Gwen told Rolf how she planned on making Chad think Abby was having an affair with Jake. She knew Chad wouldn’t get over the fact that Abby was with Stefan. She knew he would think Jake was after her too. Gwen told Rolf that she only wanted Chad to think Abby was cheating. She mentioned how Jake was sleeping with Kate. She would let Chad think Jake is sleeping with someone in the mansion and he would assume he was with Abby. She planned on picking up the pieces after he breaks up with Abby. Mr. Shin told Jake that Chad would be the sole CEO, but he wanted him to be Vice President. Kate tried to explain what happened while Jennifer was in a coma. Kate asked her how long Jack was supposed to wait for her. She told her to get over herself. She tried to convince Jennifer to give Jack another chance or she would lose him. Chad put Jake on notice about comforting his wife.

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