Days Short Recaps Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani confronted Eli about what he did to Kristen. She told him how Brady told her everything. Jack went to JJ’s room to talk to Jennifer. He let him know that Jennifer didn’t want to see him. He begged JJ to let him in to talk to her. He wanted to say sorry to Jennifer. Brady went to see Kristen and told him how Lani knew the truth about how she ended up in prison. Eli tried to lie to Lani about the baby shower until she told him how she recorded his conversation with Abe. She wanted to know where they would go from there. He explained how he had to do what he had to do to keep her out of prison. She was mad that he wouldn’t have said anything. He explained what happened when he had to help Kristen. He told her he had to protect her over Kristen. Jake tried to warn Gwen about going after Kate. She thought he was protecting her because he slept with her. She figured it out because she saw him kissing Kate. Jack called out to Jennifer to apologize, but she wouldn’t come to the door. JJ closed the door on him. Jack ran into Kate at the town square.

Kristen talked about how great a person Lani is. Brady thought Eli did what he would have done to her. Kristen didn’t think Lani would understand what he did. Eli and Lani continued to argue over Kristen. He told her how he had nightmares that she would leave him over that. She said it wasn’t a nightmare, but a premonition. Jennifer thought Jack was sorry because he was caught. Kate wanted to talk, but he wanted to talk somewhere else. Jake told Gwen that Chad couldn’t find out about him and Kate. Chad walked in on part of their conversation and wanted to know what Jake meant by what he said. Jake lied and told him how he was talking about the company. JJ wanted to be there for Jennifer. Kate apologized for saving Jack’s letter. He was sorry that he wrote it. She said how she hid the letter and didn’t think Abby would be able to find it. He wanted to know why she kept the letter. He said what they had was over. They agreed that it was just a night. She said she felt a connection with him when he told her that she helped him. Lani had a bag packed, but Eli didn’t think she should be moving out when she’s about to give birth. She agreed and told him how he was the one leaving. He couldn’t believe she was kicking him out because he kept her out of prison. She said she was doing it because he put her in prison and lied about it. Jack and Kate talked about Abby exposing them at the party. He let her know how he tried to reach out to Jennifer, but she didn’t want to talk to him. She asked if he wanted her to talk to Jennifer.

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