Y&R Short Recap Monday, November 16, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Chance and Abby decided to get married as soon as he got out of the hospital. Adam visited Chance. Chance felt he’d repaid his debt to Adam. Chance didn’t think Adam was good for Chelsea, and he thought he’d be better off if Adam wasn’t part of his life anymore. Abby asked Ashley to help her plan a wedding that honored the people she and Chance loved, like Dina, Brad and Chance’s family. Victor came to the hospital at Chance’s request. Chance told Victor that Adam was struggling. Chance also revealed he and Abby were engaged and asked Victor’s blessing. Victor welcomed Chance to the family. Sharon told Rey that she visited Adam to see if he knew who tried to kill him. Rey said he didn’t want Sharon around Adam, because he thought she might get hurt. He told her that Adam kidnapped Chelsea. He felt Adam destroyed everything he touched. Sharon said Adam didn’t destroy her and he wouldn’t destroy what she and Rey had. Sharon had reservations about whether Rey could be impartial with Adam’s case, and she ultimately decided that he could. Billy told Lily and Amanda that it was Adam’s fault Chance got shot, since he’d angered someone enough to try and kill him. Lily was adamant that they wouldn’t run an article without an arrest. Amanda supported this. Lily and Amanda talked about handling Billy. Lily thought she knew how to get him to follow the rules. Lily was very happy with her job, and Amanda asked if it was because of Billy. Lily apologized to Sharon about the article that had caused difficulties for Faith. Sharon knew there was a good man inside Adam, but she decided not to spend any more time helping him overcome his past.

Rey talked to Chelsea, and she walked back all the stuff she’d said about Adam kidnapping her and targeting Newman Tower. Rey wondered how Adam got people to forgive him. She told him that Adam thought Billy was the shooter. Rey noticed the place where Chance was shot was very close to ChanceComm. Billy and Adam had words. Adam said the person who shot at him would pay. Billy said not if the person tried again and succeeded in shooting him. Adam told Chelsea that Billy basically confessed to shooting him, but he wasn’t going to seek revenge. He tried to reconnect with her, but she said she wasn’t sure she’d ever trust him again. He said he had to believe she would, since that was the only thing holding him together. She told him not to put that on her. Chelsea asked Billy if he tried to shoot Adam, and he refused to justify it with a response. Rey overheard Billy say that Chelsea should be disappointed the shooter missed. Rey questioned Billy about his possible involvement. Billy said he wouldn’t be sad if Adam was shot, but he didn’t pull the trigger. Amanda asked if there was anything going on with Lily and Billy. Lily said no. Billy told Lily and Amanda he might need a lawyer. Chloe tried to get Chelsea to focus on building a good life without Adam. Chelsea said she still loved him.

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