Days Short Recap Monday, November 16, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp went to see Allie to ask her not to go to the police with the test results. She was upset when he asked her that. He wanted to talk to her again about the night she was raped. He told her how nothing happened. She reminded him how he raped her when she said she didn’t want him. He told her how it didn’t happen. Marlena went to see Kristen in prison. Kristen thought Brady sent her because she needed a shrink. She didn’t want him to bring Rachel there again. Lani went to Brady to find out what Eli was keeping from her. She told him how she accidentally recorded Eli’s conversation with Abe. She wanted answers from Brady. Lani demanded Brady tell her what happened. He said he it wasn’t his place. She asked him again and he said it was about Kristen. Kristen told Marlena how awful it was for Rachel to be there. Marlena tried to reassure her that she would see Rachel again. Steve told Kayla that the district attorney wasn’t going to press charges against Tripp because it was outside of this jurisdiction. Kayla was upset because she thought Tripp was guilty. Allie mentioned to Tripp how she knew he put a scalpel to Kayla’s neck. He told her that he thought she killed his mother. Ava went to see Kristen. Brady told Lani about Eli’s involvement in Kristen’s arrest. She couldn’t believe that Eli would agree to that. He said he did and tricked Kristen into confessing. Tripp told Allie how he regretted what he did, but Kayla forgave him. He said she got him into medical school and how things were great until he was accused of rape. He apologized for what happened to her and told her how he didn’t rape her.

Steve wanted to fix the situation. Kayla thought Tripp was out celebrating. He was surprised that she convicted him. She reminded him how she did multiple tests on him. She thought he didn’t want to believe it because he’s his son. Steve thought she he was guilty because of Ava. Ava and Kristen talked about how Rolf brought her back to life. They talked about when they first met. Lani wanted to know how Eli tricked Kristen. Brady told her how Eli wanted Kristen to agree to the story. He told Lani how Eli got Kristen ended up confessing while he recorded it. He told her everything else that happened. She was mad that Eli forced Kristen to confess and kept himself out of it. Kayla couldn’t believe Steve would think she thought Tripp was guilty because of Ava. They ended up talking about Ava taking advantage of him the way Tripp took advantage of Allie. Tripp walked in the room while Kayla said Ava raped him. Lani couldn’t believe what Eli did. Brady tried to reassure her that he wanted to protect his family. She didn’t like how he ripped his family apart and left Kristen in a cell. Tripp refused to let Kayla badmouth his mother because of him. Steve told him how Kayla was telling the truth. Eli arrived home and told Lani how the baby shower was getting planned. She said there wouldn’t be a shower. Steve told Tripp what Ava did to make him sleep with her. He couldn’t believe his mother would do that. He realized that was why she thought he would do it too.

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