Days Short Recap Friday, November 13, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp tried to assure Steve that he didn’t rape Allie. He let him know that Allie turned the test results over to Trask. Melinda told Allie how there was nothing she could do about the rape. Philip got a shock when Ava was the one watching him in the park. He told her she would ruin everything if someone saw her. She told him how he was losing her trust. Xander and Sarah talked about who could be working with Philip. He thought Brady was the one who was helping him because of what he and Victor did to him. Steve told Tripp Trask wasn’t going to prosecute him because the rape happened outside of her jurisdiction. Tripp wasn’t happy because he couldn’t clear his name. Steve thought they should be grateful because the jury might have convicted him. Steve said he believed him, but he wanted to know why. Allie was upset that Tripp couldn’t be prosecuted. Melinda explained how the rape didn’t happen in Salem. Xander planned on confronting Brady about what he was doing. Philip told Ava how Xander was watching his every move. She didn’t think it was her problem. She reminded him how he owed a huge gambling debt. He wanted to know if she was there to watch him or because of Steve. She wanted to see Steve, but she couldn’t because she’s wanted by the law. Steve explained why he believed Tripp. Allie thought she came forward for nothing. Melinda said that might not be true.

Melinda told Allie she could send the file overseas so Tripp could be prosecuted where it happened. Allie wanted to think about it before she agreed to it. Tripp wanted to convince people that he was telling the truth. Philip asked Ava if she knew Tripp. She didn’t want to talk about him or Steve. He wanted to make sure she was focused on the right thing. She wanted him to do whatever it took to make sure their plan worked. She warned him that he would pay if he didn’t take care of Xander. Sarah went to see Brady to find out if he was working with Philip. Allie thought about confronting Tripp about the rape. Ava was on the phone with someone and said she believed she gave Philip the proper motivation to take care of Xander. Melinda ran into Tripp and thanked him for what he did for Haley. She also gave him the warning that she talked to Allie about forwarding the results to London. He thought they could still prosecute him.

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