Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Sally tells Theo that she came to Genoa City hoping to persuade Jack to let her design for Jabot Collective but Jabot closed the company. Theo informs her that the company was sold to Fenmore’s and tells her that he can help her reach her goal. Theo wants Sally to be his spy at Jabot and give him any information that will help him claim his inheritance. Sally turns down Theo ‘s offer and tells him she doesn’t need his help to reach her goal. Summer tells Kyle she thinks Sally has an agenda, but Kyle thinks that Summer is jealous because she and Sally have similar personalities. Chance is shot shielding Adam from a gunshot intended for him. Chance manages to say “Adam” to Rey before being taken to the hospital. Abby is informed that Chance has been shot and heads to the hospital to wait for Chance to get out of surgery. Rey goes to Adam’s place to question him about Chance’s shooting. Chelsea arrives home out of breath and looking disheveled and Chloe wonders where Chelsea has been and what happened to her.

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