Days Short Recap Monday, November 9, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jack tried to explain what happened to Jennifer what happened with Kate. She couldn’t believe he would turn to another woman in his time of need. Jake asked Kate if she really had sex with Abby’s father. Jack told Jennifer that what happened with Kate wasn’t planned. She wanted to know what happened. Abby told him how he had to take care of himself if he was going to take care of her. He kept going to the pub after he left the hospital. He was afraid she would never wake up. He started drinking to ease the pain. Kate told Jake her side of what happened with Jack. Jennifer didn’t want to hear the details of Jack’s courtship with Kate. He told her how there wasn’t a courtship because they only talked about her. Jennifer reminded Jack how he didn’t wake up alone. She told him how he spent his days by her bed and his nights in Kate’s bed.

Chad let Gwen know that Abby was locked up in the bathroom. She blamed herself for what happened because she suggested she borrow shoes from her. Jack admitted to Jennifer how he spent one night in Kate’s bed. Kate told Jake that watching how lonely Jack was made her lonely too. She thought they made a connection while talking about Jennifer. Jennifer asked Jack if he slept with Kate. He admitted that he slept with Kate and woke up alone. Jennifer started crying. During the flashback scenes, it turned out Gwen overheard Jack and Kate talking about their night together. Gwen continued to blame herself for Abby finding out the truth. Chad reassured her that it wasn’t her fault. Jake wanted to know why Kate kept the letter Jack wrote. She said it meant something to her. Jack told Jennifer how Adrienne had died and JJ was dealing with the pain of losing Hailey. He admitted that he didn’t tell her how he was lost one night. Jake asked Kate if she was in love with Jack. She talked to Jake about how good she felt helping Jack out. She thought everyone would think she was a home wrecking b*tch. He didn’t want to judge. He leaned in to kiss her. Jack asked Jennifer if she could forgive him.

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