Days Short Recap Monday, November 2, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben pointed the gun at Vincent to get him to admit whether he killed Ciara. Vincent told him to he killed Ciara the same way he killed Wendy. Ben told him that he was going to put a few bullets in him. He called Ben’s bluff and told him to do it. Steve and Kayla noticed how John and Marlena didn’t sit with them. John showed up while they were talking. He wanted to apologize for trying to hit Steve. Steve understood and was glad he came to his senses. John got offended by that because he still thought Tripp was guilty of raping his granddaughter. Shawn was at the cemetery to say goodbye to Ciara when Tripp showed up. Shawn wondered why he was at the cemetery. Tripp told him that he wanted to pay his respects, but he wanted to wait until everyone left. Shawn didn’t understand why he didn’t go to the church. He said the situation with Allie was why he didn’t go. Steve told John how Allie was drunk when the rape happened so she didn’t know for a fact that Tripp raped her. John was about to yell at him when Kayla stopped them from arguing. Vincent told Ben he didn’t have it in him anymore to kill. He reminded him how he couldn’t kill Ciara or Eli. Eli wanted to get out of the hospital to stop Ben. He couldn’t forgive himself if Ben killed Vincent on his watch. He tried to get out of bed, but he fell on the floor.

Kayla continued to tell John and Steve that they should be mourning Ciara. Steve agreed with her and wanted to go with John to the pub. Steve thought they would have the proof they need that Tripp was innocent. John wanted to know what proof he meant. Ben said that he loved Ciara because he loved her and didn’t kill Eli because he was innocent. He had no problem killing because he killed before. Vincent knew he wasn’t going to die at his hands. Ben said he had no problem putting a bullet in his head. Steve and Kayla told John how they got a DNA test done to prove whether Tripp raped Allie. Steve wanted him to accept that Tripp was innocent. John said there was nothing to accept because he believed Allie. He said they would be disappointed and would find out what type of man Tripp really is. Lani told Eli he was talking in his sleep. He said he was sorry for something. Vincent told Ben he changed and wasn’t a killer anymore. He said Ciara was the reason why he changed. He told Vincent he changed his life when he took his wife. He said there was nothing left for him, but pain. Ben was about to shoot Vincent when he said he was holding out on him and there was more to the story. Steve wanted John to give Tripp the benefit of the doubt. She reminded him how they did the test behind his back and knew he would be mad about it. Steve agreed that Tripp deserved to know the truth. Vincent was about to tell Ben about Ciara when Shawn showed up. He demanded that Ben put down the gun. Eli said he was talking about Ben in his sleep, but Lani told him how he mentioned Kristen. He said he felt guilty for arresting Kristen. Lani felt like she was hiding something for why she changed her plea. Ben told Shawn that Vincent was about to tell him what happened to Ciara.

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