Days Short Recap Friday, October 30, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer and Jack went to Hope’s place to get her for the memorial. They had trouble finding her and then she found the note she left for her. Claire was upset that things didn’t go well at the memorial. Julie tried to make her feel better about what happened. Claire wanted to do something for Ciara since she tried to kill her. Ben was determined to make sure Vincent didn’t make it to his arraignment. Jennifer read Hope’s letter to Jack. Hope mentioned not being able to go to the memorial service. Lani didn’t understand why Kristen confessed to what she did. She wanted to know if she did it on her own. Brady went to Eli and blamed him for why Kristen changed her plea. Eli said that Kristen deserved to pay for her crimes. Brady advised him to pray that Lani would understand how he tricked her best friend into a confession. Eli wanted to know if Brady was going to tell Lani what he did. Brady told him that he wouldn’t tell Lani the truth because of Kristen. Lani couldn’t believe Kristen didn’t fight back. Kristen didn’t want her to get upset over what happened. She assured her that she would be okay. Jennifer continued to read Hope’s letter. Hope wanted to look for Ciara and how she couldn’t go to the memorial. Ben was about to go after Vincent when Claire showed up at his place.

Jennifer was upset about what Hope wrote. Jack tried to make her feel better about it. Jennifer wanted to go after Hope, but Jack didn’t think it was a good idea. Brady showed up at the station so she could say goodbye to Rachel. Eli showed up at the station to see Lani. She didn’t know what she would have done if she were Kristen. He told her how was bringing Ciara’s killer to justice. Claire said she was at Ben’s place to take him to the memorial. He said he wasn’t going to it. She wanted to know where he was going if it weren’t to the memorial. He didn’t want to go to a grave site and see Ciara’s name without anything else there. Claire asked him if he thought she was alive. He didn’t tell her if he thought she was alive. He had to go. Kristen wanted Brady to take Rachel away so she wouldn’t see her be taken away. Jennifer and Jack told Doug and Julie how Hope left town. Ben took Vincent out of the police station. He pointed the gun at him.

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