Days Short Recap Monday, October 19, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip was talking to someone on the phone about Xander when Brady walked in the room. Brady demanded to see Victor. Kayla told Steve that Allie let her get a sample from the baby. She said Allie thought it would prove he raped her. Steve said Tripp denied raping her. She wanted to know if he told Tripp about the test. He let her know he didn’t. She believed they should tell her. Brady told Philip that Kristen was getting sentenced unless Victor did something. Philip didn’t think Victor should do something since she tried to kill him. Kayla and Steve were talking about keeping the truth from Tripp when he overheard part of the conversation. John wondered why Marlena didn’t tell Roman about what happened to Allie. She didn’t think it was their place to tell it. They talked about how she felt bad. John thought Tripp was the one who should feel bad. Allie was confused about why Tripp would agree to the DNA test. Nicole said it was because it would clear him. She knew the test wouldn’t clear him because he’s a racist. Steve managed to cover for him and Kayla with Tripp. Tripp wanted a toothbrush. Brady wondered if Philip was tired of the games Victor wants to play with them. Brady figured he was trying to get Xander fired. He wanted to know who he was talking to on the phone.

Brady threatened to tell Xander what Philip was doing since he didn’t think Kristen deserved to be helped. Xander walked in the room and wanted to talk to Philip. John got upset while he and Marlena were talking about Allie’s rape. Marlena wanted to leave the pub just as Roman came back in the room. Roman wanted to know if John was okay. Allie thought it was weird that Tripp agreed to the test. Nicole thought he might believe he’s innocent and would be surprised. Kayla apologized to Tripp for letting him think they were on opposite sides. She wanted to talk about it. Tripp thought she wanted him to take the test. She said she wanted the truth to come out. He said he told the truth, but she wouldn’t believe him. Allie wondered how long it would take to get the test results. Brady blamed Xander for why Kristen was going to jail. Xander reminded him that Kristen put a knife in Victor. Brady got tired of talking to Xander and Philip so he went up to talk to Victor. Xander didn’t like Philip talking with Sarah. Philip said she became his confidante. He warned Philip to stay away from her. Steve thought Kayla was going to tell Tripp the truth. She knew he was still angry with her so she didn’t want to make things worse. Steve wanted to know if Tripp is the father.

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