Y&R Short Recap Monday October 19 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Chance told Rey he was worried he wouldn’t be able to become a cop. Sharon told Nick, Faith and Mariah that her margins were clear, and she was on he way to being cancer-free. Only Nick and Mariah seemed genuinely excited. Faith secretly made plans to meet an unnamed person. Concerned, Sharon privately questioned Faith’s lack of reaction to her news. Faih said she was excited, but overwhelmed. Nick was concerned Faith had only pretended to be happy. Mariah thought Faith was scared to be happy, and she thought they should give Faith some space. Faith snuck out of the house while Sharon was in bed. The Abbotts mourned Dina. Kyle ran into Lola and told her the news about Dina. She offered comforting words. Summer spied on Lola and Kyle and worried they were planning to get back together. After Kyle left, Summer confronted Lola and accused her of trying to get Kyle back. Lola said she didn’t want Kyle. Lola warned Summer that sneaking around and spying on Kyle wouldn’t win Kyle’s heart.

Kyle told Theo that Dina died and that the family knew she was going to die, so they’d all gathered to say goodbye. Theo was hurt no one called him so that he could’ve said goodbye to his grandmother. Kyle clarified that they didn’t deliberately exclude Theo, but Theo wasn’t interested in excuses. Kyle called Lola and thanked her for showing him a kindness he didn’t deserve from her. She didn’t mention that she ran nto Summer. Abby went to Chance and told him she wanted to start a family. Lauren dropped by to see if Dina reacted to the necklace. Jack brought her up to speed and thanked her for helping with the necklace and for her friendship.

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