Days Short Recap Friday, October 16, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

John went to Steve and Kayla’s place to see Tripp. He punched him because of what he did to Allie. Tripp tried to explain how he didn’t rape her. John was upset when he thought Tripp called her a liar. Steve stopped him from going after Tripp. John didn’t like how he believed Tripp. Kayla and Marlena arrived and saw them arguing. Philip talked to Sarah about Xander. He didn’t understand how Maggie could care about Xander after what he did to her. He thought he was wrong for what he did to her. Nicole asked Allie if she was avoiding Henry because of Tripp raping her. John couldn’t believe Kayla would have Tripp in her place when she was in the same position as Allie. Marlena made John leave their place. Steve assured Tripp that things would be okay. Sarah defended Xander despite what he did to her. Philip told her how he convinced Jan to press charges against him. She said he tried to stop her from doing it, but it didn’t work. Sarah wanted him to try and get along with Xander. Philip agreed because it’s best for the company. Philip agreed to eat the food with her. Marlena and John were back at the hospital. He explained why he ended up punching Tripp. He asked her if she thought he wanted to hurt Tripp because of the aneurysm. Tripp talked to Steve about John hitting him. Kayla had an easy way to solve the problem. She suggested doing a DNA test on the baby.

Allie admitted to Nicole it was hard to be around Henry. She had thoughts questioning why she didn’t have an abortion. Nicole thought it was a huge decision and knew she was scared. Allie said she didn’t have anyone to talk to about her situation. She said she didn’t remember what Tripp did to her at the time. Tripp didn’t understand the point of getting a DNA test. He realized Kayla didn’t believe him. She explained why he should take it. She had a test that he could take, but he didn’t want to take it. Xander walked in and saw Philip with Sarah. He warned Philip not to keep hitting on his girl or he would regret it. Sarah didn’t want Xander to go after Philip. She walked out of the room and Xander went after her. Philip was satisfied that his plan worked. John didn’t think Tripp should get away with raping her. Steve tried to explain why Tripp didn’t want to take the paternity test. Kayla thought Tripp might be hiding something because he was avoiding the one thing that could prove his innocence. Steve had an idea. Allie continued to talk to Nicole about why she wanted to give Henry up for adoption. Marlena reminded John how he was friends with Steve. John told her how he should see how Tripp raped Allie. He talked about the things Tripp did. Steve gave Kayla Tripp’s toothbrush. He wanted her to do the test on it, but she said Tripp didn’t want the test done. Steve wanted her to do it. Philip told someone how he was able to push Xander’s buttons and he lost it. He believed he would do something stupid and would get fired.

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