Days Short Recap Thursday, October 15, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle asked Brady why Kristen changed her plea. He looked at Kristen and then told Belle how she did it for Rachel. She wanted to be a good influence on her. Belle informed Kristen that her confession meant she could go to prison for a long time. Nicole told Lucas that Allie was raped. Tripp talked to Steve and Kayla about the accusation. He insisted he didn’t rape Allie. He thought she was confused or lying. Kayla told him how Nicole said Allie remembered her being on top of him. He let them know that he talked to Allie about it. Steve said it wasn’t a good idea for him to confront her. Kristen wondered if Melinda would cut her some slack since she changed her plea. Belle told her that she wouldn’t do that for her after what she did to her daughter. Kristen wanted a lighter sentence. Belle will try to help her. Kristen thanked Brady for not telling Belle the real reason she changed her plea. He didn’t like how Eli strong-armed her into doing it. She said she did it for Lani because she’s a good friend. He told her to tell how Melinda blackmailed him. Lucas wanted more info about the rape. He demanded that Nicole tell him who did it. She told him it was Tripp. Tripp felt like everyone would believe Allie. Steve said he believed him. Tripp wondered if Kayla believed him too.

Lucas was upset that Tripp raped Allie. He wanted to kill him. He realized that Tripp might be the father of her baby. Allie visited John and talked to him and Marlena about the rape. John became very enraged when he found out what happened to her. Allie walked out because she didn’t meant to upset him. Marlena went to Allie and they talked about Tripp. Kayla heard them talking. Steve wanted Tripp to explain the details of what happened the night he met Allie. He asked him if he put Allie in the bed while she was dressed. He admitted she was in her underwear. Steve didn’t think it looked good for him. Tripp wondered if he believed him. Kayla wanted to talk to Allie, but she didn’t want to hear her defend Tripp. Kayla wasn’t trying to defend him. Marlena wanted to know what Tripp told her. Allie thought she and Steve believed Tripp. Belle told Kristen and Brady that there wouldn’t be a trial since she confessed. Belle had to talk to the judge and Melinda about the sentence. Brady told Kristen how they should leave town now. Kristen told him how she couldn’t leave, but he wanted to go. Steve said he believed Tripp. He advised him to write everything down that he remembered. He was afraid he would be guilty if he forgot anything. Lucas was going to find Tripp and kill him. Nicole stopped Lucas from killing Tripp. Allie went back to Nicole’s place. Nicole let her know that she told Lucas what happened to her.

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