Days Short Recap Monday, October 12, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen talked to Brady about wanting Marlena to raise Rachel if she went to prison. He assured her that she would be the one raising her. Eli had a nightmare about Lani finding out about the recording. She ended up waking him up as if she were mad at him. She told him how Trask wanted to talk t him. Trask asked Eli if he got the recording. She threatened to have Lani arrested. He couldn’t talk about it in front of Eli. Lani was surprised Melinda didn’t want to talk about Kristen. She thanked him for convincing her to do the right thing about the footage. Eli didn’t think it was a great idea for her to go to the courthouse. Jack and Jennifer talked to Gwen about being Chad and Abby’s nanny. They mentioned how Jennifer was in a coma. Jake talked to Kate about Chad’s feelings about him. She let him know how Chad walked in on Stefan with Abby and she thought he would always assume he was Stefan. Chad let Abby know how he thought Jake could be like Stefan. He mentioned how he thought about her being with Stefan every time he saw Jake.

Abby assured Chad that she was better and nothing else will come between them again. Jake and Kate continued to talk about people comparing him to Stefan. He wanted to change the subject and talk about her love life. Gwen seemed a little agitated when Jack talked about Abby and Jennifer. She said everyone didn’t get the chance to have a father care about them. Abby and Chad came in the room with them. Abby had a warm moment with Jack and Jennifer, but Gwen wasn’t happy about it. Kate didn’t want to talk to Jake about her personal life, but he wanted to know about it. She told him how she was in love with his father. Eli called Melinda to tell her how he had the recording. He demanded that she give him something in writing that guaranteed Lani wouldn’t go to jail. She agreed to what he wanted and told him to meet her at the station. Gwen talked to Abby about her family. Gwen let her know she didn’t come from a great family. Eli listened to Kristen’s confession before he left the loft. Eli went to Kristen to tell her how he had her full confession.

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