Y&R Recap Monday October 12 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Chelsea and Adam clashed over whether to leave town or stay and fight. She pointed out that she got hurt in his plot, and she was afraid that next time, it would be Connor. She told him he could prove he wasn’t the monster the article said he was by walking away. He thought she wanted him to prove to her that he wasn’t a monster, and he felt that she wasn’t giving him the unconditional love she’d claimed she would. He walked out. Lauren told Jack she might have a lead on the necklace. Legend said the necklace brought love to its owner. She thought Jack was interested in it for that reason. She didn’t believe him when he said that he was only trying to find it to make his mother happy. Chloe thought Kevin should get to name this baby, since she robbed him of the chance to have a say in Bella’s name. Kevin chose the name Miles, in honor of a neighbor who protected him when he’d been an abused child. Chelsea visited Chloe and the baby. She didn’t want to hear it when Chloe said that the things the article said about Adam were true. Chelsea said they might have to cancel the fashion line. Chloe urged Chelsea to focus on herself and to remember she was more than Adam’s fiancee. Chelsea found some peace when she held Miles. Chelsea went to see Billy. She told him she missed Connor, and she wanted to take Johnny for the weekend. She thought it was time he learned she was his biological mother. Billy was not in favor of telling Johnny that Chelsea gave birth to him, and he said she couldn’t use his son as a substitute. Chelsea argued that she had rights, but Billy reminded her she’d given up all her parental rights when she gave Johnny to him and Victoria to raise. She asked if she could just visit Johnny at the park without telling him the truth about herself, and he also said no. she refused to give up, and he asked her to leave.

Adam thought it was fate that he ran into Sharon when he was at his lowest. She saw it as a coincidence. He confessed that he still loved her, and he wanted to be with her. Sharon admitted that she’d never love Rey the way she used to love Adam. However, she did love Rey, and she wanted to build a life with him. She encouraged Adam to lean on Chelsea. Sharon asked Rey to propose to her. If she died, she wanted to do it as his wife. If she lived, she wanted to live as his wife. He did propose, and she accepted. Adam went to penthouse, but he turned around and left instead of going inside. A confused and hurt Kyle came home without Summer and searched the hotel for her. She’d left him, for reasons unbeknownst to him, the night before what was supposed to be their wedding day. She’d only left a note saying she needed to figure things out. Phyllis blamed Kyle for scaring Summer off. Jack thought Phyllis and Nick’s pressure may have caused Summer to leave Kyle. Phyllis worried that Summer might do something reckless, like the time she came to town in a stolen car. Mariah and Tessa met with Lola for girls’ night. Tessa accidentally told Lola about Kyle and Summer eloping. Lola took it well. Kyle showed up, and Lola told him she knew about the wedding, and that they were celebrating Lola’s freedom. Kyle left without saying he wasn’t married. Kyle ran into Billy at the hotel. They didn’t notice Summer in the hotel lounge, hiding behind a magazine.

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