Days Short Recap Monday, October 5, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Vincent told Hope and Ben what happened to Ciara. He explained to them how he was confused about who Ciara was and he shot her. Melinda talked to Eli about going after Kristen instead of Lani, but he had to help her out. Tripp let Steve know he didn’t have sex with Allie so he couldn’t be the father of her baby. Meanwhile, Allie talked to Lani about Tripp being the person who raped her. Tripp and Allie continued to tell their sides of how they met each other. Lani told Allie how her rape happened outside of Salem. Allie was afraid he would get away with what he did. Melinda reminded Eli about what happened in the footage. She told him how she could prove he knew Lani didn’t do anything to arrest Kristen. Hope was devastated when Vincent said he shot Ciara. Ben yanked him out of the chair and believed he was lying. Melinda warned him what Lani could lose. She didn’t want to put Lani away. She wanted to go after Kristen. Vincent blamed Ben for why he shot Ciara. Hope didn’t want to hear another word from him. Vincent said he didn’t want to take Hope’s daughter, but she didn’t want to hear it. She arrested him. Vincent said Ciara’s blood was on his hands.

Hope called Shawn and told him what Vincent said. Ben believed Vincent lied to torture him. He believed Vincent still had him. Lani told Allie she believed her. She was about to leave when Allie told her she remembered saying no to Tripp. Eli told Melinda how Victor was the only one who could prove what Kristen did. He wanted to know how he could get a confession. She didn’t care. She wanted him to find a way or his kids wouldn’t have their mother. Lani showed up at Steve’s place to see Tripp. Eli told her how Lani sees a side no one else sees. Melinda reminded him how Kristen hurts people. She said he would be doing Lani a favor if he destroyed their friendship. Hope found the gun Vincent put on the ground. She said there’s a bullet missing from the gun. She checked the forensics report to see if there was a bullet hole in the car. She saw it in the report. Ben wanted to know if Vincent was telling the truth. Steve wanted to know why Lani was at his place. She wanted to talk to Tripp at the station. Melinda informed Eli that it was up to him if he wanted Lani to go down with Kristen. Ben said he and Hope didn’t know if he shot Ciara. Ben was ready to kill Vincent since he had nothing to live for anymore.

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