Days Short Recap Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate tried to look through Jake’s things, but she got busted. She had to come up with an excuse for looking. He found the dress for her, but she noticed his suit. Eli warned Lani how Melinda was closing in on Kristen. He showed her the video footage of Lani helping Kristen leave the station. She was worried about the footage. He told her how he had to turn the footage over to Melinda. Abe was concerned with whether Melinda could be impartial with Kristen’s case. He felt bad for her because of her loss. Melinda got upset because Kristen always got away with her crimes. She wanted to put a stop to it. He thought she should recuse herself from the situation. Lani didn’t think the evidence was too bad until she watched the footage again. Abby appreciated Gwen being willing to be a nanny to her children. Chad was concerned they didn’t know much about her. She said there wasn’t much to know. He didn’t agree and wanted her to tell them about herself. She was about to tell them about herself when Kate interrupted them. Abby took Gwen to the kids. Kate asked Chad if it was a good idea to have Gwen take care of the kids. He explained why and then they talked about Jake. Jake walked in the room. Melinda had no intention of recusing herself from the case. She said she would be professional. She wanted to know why Abe would bring her back if he thought she couldn’t be professional.

Eli wanted Lani to tell Abe the truth that she helped Kristen. She didn’t want to tell Abe because he would be disappointed in her. She felt like she would be in Melinda’s line of fire unless she never saw the footage. Jake didn’t understand why Chad didn’t give him the head’s up about the Collins deal being done. Chad let him know he didn’t want to work with him. Eli warned Lani he stalled her as long as he could. She said there was other footage she could see. He wanted to know if she was asking him to delete the footage. Abe wondered if Melinda could get an ADA to take over the case. She said she would still be over the case. She said she would do her job and would be fair. He told her how Lani and Kristen were friends. She didn’t know they were friends. Lani said Eli did enough and wanted him to go to his desk. He wanted to know what he meant. She wanted to make sure his hands were clean. Jake warned Abby to watch out for Gwen. Gwen overheard Jake talking about her to Abby. Jake said she only wanted what was best for Gwen. Abby tried to defend her. Abe told Melinda how Lani and Kristen were there for each other. He wanted her to keep her personal feelings out of the case. She said she would do it. Eli couldn’t believe Lani wanted him to destroy the evidence. She couldn’t go to prison and wanted to protect the children. He wanted to do it together.

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