Days Short Recap Thursday, September 24, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve checked on John at the hospital. He told John that Marlena was with Ben. John didn’t understand why Marlena would be him after he tried ti kill Will. Steve explained how compassionate she is. John thought he was after her. John reminded him how he wanted Marlena in the past. Steve told him how Rolf messed with his mind. John said sorry and believed something was wrong with him. Steve tried to make him feel better. Ben had a nightmare about the explosion and called out Ciara’s name. Marlena tried to comfort him. He felt like he failed Ciara when she needed him. He said she was the best thing that happened to him. He didn’t know how he could live without her. She said it will be hard, but he could get through it. He cried and thanked her for helping him. He asked her about John. She let him think he was fine.

Abby saw Chad in a picture with a woman. The woman in the picture was the previous Abby. Chad let her know he was in the picture with her. She looked at it again and saw her face in the picture. He asked her if she was hallucinating again. She thought it was possible, but assured him she was okay. She said her medications make the hallucinations manageable. He asked her if she was mad about him kissing Gwen. He assured her that he loved her. Gwen thought about drugging Abby. She said Abby was going to have a bad day. Jack and Jennifer had a bad day. She made comments about Abby until they left. Chad and Abby walked in and she offered them a cup of coffee. Chad told her Abby couldn’t have it because of her medication. Chad was going to drink it, but she stopped him from drinking it.

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