Days Short Recap Friday, September 25, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen talked to Rolf about Abby not falling for the drug she gave her. He was surprised that she was so resilient. Ben thought Ciara was in his room only for it to turn out to be Claire. She returned Ciara’s suitcase. Sami told Nicole that she had to get back home, but nothing changed between them. She still hated her, but she wanted Allie to fall in love with her son. Lucas and Allie talked to Abby and Chad about being around her baby. Gwen and Rolf talked about how they ended up working together to get Abby. She asked him for another dose to drug Abby, but he told her that he couldn’t do it. Sami reminded Nicole that she still had custody of the baby so she better not try anything. Allie and Lucas went to Eric’s place. Sami gave Allie the baby and said it was time to name him. Ben looked at Ciara’s things and told Claire about the memories he had. He apologized to Claire for telling Ciara not to let her be the maid of honor. He thought Ciara would still be there if he hadn’t wasted time accusing Claire of coming after them. Rolf told Gwen why it wouldn’t be a good idea for her to keep drugging Abby. She asked him if he had another idea.

Allie was surprised Sami didn’t name him. She didn’t think it was her place. Allie wanted Nicole to name him, but Sami refused to let her do it. Nicole agreed with Sami and thought she should name him. She decided to name him Henry Lucas Horton. Abby wanted to go back to work, but Chad wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. Rolf wanted to know what Gwen knew about Abby. She told him what she knew. Rolf suggested she go after Chad. She liked the idea and she wanted to bring Abby down. Rolf wanted to know why Gwen hated her so much. She said she had a very good reason and he would find out when everyone else found out. Chad wanted to support Abby and was okay with her going back to work. They were kissing when Gwen showed up. Sami expressed how much she would be there for Allie. She talked about their unbreakable bond. Claire told Ben he wasn’t responsible for what happened to Ciara. She told him that Hope went after Vincent. She also told him that Ciara might not have been in the car. Nicole wondered if Allie named the baby after the father. She got really upset and didn’t want to talk about him. Ben decided to help Hope look for Ciara.

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