Days Short Recap Monday, September 21, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena talked to Sarah about John’s behavior. She wasn’t sure how long it was going to last. Shawn wasn’t happy when Shawn saw Belle with Philip. He wanted to know what was going on with them. Belle told him about Jan showing up at Hope’s house. Xander talked to Jan about getting Philip out o the picture. She thought he wanted her to go to the police. She realized that was why he was concerned about her safety. He thought Victor wouldn’t like it. He offered his phone number, but Sarah stopped him. Allie overheard Sami talking about taking the baby. They got into an argument about it. Nicole tried to talk Eric into going to Africa to help the people. Eric didn’t want to go, but she continued to convince him to go. Claire talked to Marlena about meeting Jan. Shawn hoped that Claire wouldn’t have anything to do with Jan again. Belle didn’t want to talk to Shawn with Philip around. Philip offered to help since he doesn’t have to follow the law. He told them that he threatened her. Sarah explained who Jan was to Xander. Nicole wanted to do the right thing by telling Eric to go to Africa. She wanted him to do it for her. Allie was going to take her baby to Eric and Nicole’s place. Sami told her that she couldn’t because she’s not the guardian. Allie was going to do it anyway.

Nicole continued to convince Eric to go to Africa. She wanted him to help people. Marlena reminded Claire about the terrible things Jan’s done. Claire said that she did terrible things too. Claire defended Jan to her. Belle talked to Shawn about being worried about Claire bonding with Jan. Shawn couldn’t believe Claire defended Jan. Belle was scared for Claire. Marlena wanted Claire to stay away from Jan. Sami suggested that Allie go back to Rome with her. She would help her raise her baby. Allie thought she wanted that all along. Shawn assured Belle that he wouldn’t let anything happen to Claire. Belle was afraid something did. Jan ran into Claire and apologized for not telling her who she was in the first place. Sami was okay with it if Allie hated her, but she insisted she see her baby. Shawn thought he and Belle should let Philip kill Jan. Jan advised Claire not to talk to her in public. She would understand if she didn’t do it. Allie told Sami she thought about the list of things she got away with until now. She was going to the judge the next day.

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