Y&R Short Recap Monday September 21 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Elena told Nate that Devon and Amanda had an inextricable bond that made Elena feel like an outsider. Amanda sent Devon several messages asking if they could meet. He invited her over. She apologized for being pushy She was moved when he gave her a copy of a letter Hilary wrote to Santa as a child and a copy of Hilary’s birth certificate. Amanda asked about her father. Devon knew he spent time in prison, and other than that, he wasn’t in Hilary’s life. Devon said he couldn’t provide any more information on Hilary to Amanda, because it was affecting him and his life too much. Amanda understood. Elena walked in on Amanda talking to Hilary. Amanda apologized for the intrusion and left. Devon assured Elena he was finished helping Amanda. Elena clarified that she wasn’t giving Devon an ultimatum when she asked him to stay away from Amanda. Amanda told Nate she appreciated Devon’s help and wasn’t going to push for more. She thanked Nate for his support. She waited until Nate was out of earshot, and then she called Billy. Nick told Jack he thought the tension between the Newmans would get worse before it got better, but he planned to stay out of the fray. Nick had reservations about Summer and Kyle’s relationship. Jack was optimistic. Both fathers sincerely hoped things would work out and that Kyle and Summer would get the happiness they deserved. Sharon found out she was having surgery next week. When Mariah came over, Sharon, who was feeling stressed, lashed out at her over a minor issue and told her to leave. Rey came over, and Sharon confessed to treating Mariah unfairly. Sharon apologized to Rey for not telling him she was going to visit Adam the other day. Rey told Sharon that things were good between them now. Mariah told Tessa how bad she felt for the way she reacted to Sharon. Tessa wasn’t able to get Mariah to go easy on herself. Tessa and Rey secretly arranged to get Mariah and Sharon together. Sharon and Mariah made up.

Summer and Kyle both surprised each other with engagement rings. Lola saw them both get down on one knee and propose to each other, and left, hurt, without them noticing her. Kyle and Summer decided not to wear their rings for now, because they weren’t ready to announce the engagement. They talked about what they wanted for their future. Lola told Theo she saw him flirting with Chelsea. He explained it was just business, but she wasn’t comfortable with him flirting with other women, and she decided they should break up, because they were very different people. She admitted she’d caused most of the conflict between them because she’d been trying to change him. He thought she wanted him to be like Kyle, but she said Kyle had nothing to do with it. He felt that they’d both enjoyed rubbing their relationship in Kyle’s face. She wasn’t proud of that. She didn’t want to be petty. She wanted stability, commitment and respect. He said he’d always respected her, but she said she didn’t always feel respected. She’d always feel grateful that he helped her through a difficult time. He wished her luck finding a guy who lived up to her lofty goals, but he wasn’t sure such a man existed.

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