Days Short Recap Monday, September 14, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope went to Eve and told her what happened to Ciara. She let her know that she didn’t tell Vincent to go plant a bomb in the car. Hope talked to her about Vincent’s agenda for going after Ben. Lani hoped Eli would look the other way and not go after Kristen. Eli arrested Kristen and she told him anything she could think of to get out of being arrested. John woke up, but he couldn’t remember Brady and Marlena. Kristen told Eli that Lani wouldn’t forgive him if he arrested her. She reminded him that he would be married to Gabi if she didn’t convince Lani to go after him. She wanted him to act as if he never saw her. Lani showed up at Kristen’s door. Hope told Eve that the firefighters only found Ciara’s engagement and wedding rings.

Lani took Rachel to Kristen’s place and saw Eli there. Kristen thought she got through to him, but he ended up arresting her. Marlena filled John in on some details of their lives together. John got his memory back and Brady and Marlena were relieved. Eli took Kristen to the station. Lani was upset when she saw Eli. Brady wanted to give John and Marlena some time alone so he wanted to call Kristen at the Salem Inn. Marlena was surprised that Kristen was in Salem. Lani was upset that Eli lied to her and arrested Kristen. He explained why he decided to arrest Kristen. She thought he used a personal conversation and used it to look like a hero. Kristen called Brady. He told her how John was awake. She was glad for him, but she said she was arrested.

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