Y&R Recap Monday September 14, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Adam told Chelsea that it was inevitable that she was going to leave him, because of who he was, so it was best that they broke up now. Chelsea vehemently disagreed with his view, but he walked out on her. Sharon had a dream that Adam wanted to be there for her, like she’d been for him. In the dream, Sharon told Adam she was just doing her job, but he told her they both knew it was more than that. In real life, Adam came to visit Sharon. Sharon told him that she had to stop treating him, because she needed to make things right with Rey. Adam was okay with that, because he’d come to cancel their therapy sessions. She wanted him to seek out another therapist, but he intended to try and go it on his own. Summer set up a romantic evening to welcome Kyle back from his trip. As they talked about their commitment to each other, they realized they were already technically engaged, in their hearts. They decided not to tell anyone else about the engagement. Kyle made Summer a temporary ring out of a twist tie. Theo went by Society, thinking he wouldn’t see Lola, since she’d said she was tired and going to rest. She was there, though, and they talked through their issues, but another problem cropped up when Lola inferred that Theo was saying he was interested in her because she was Kyle’s ex. Theo said he didn’t mean it that way, but Lola asked him to leave, so he did.

Jack and Billy ran into Nikki and Victoria at Crimson Lights. Billy confided that he was going to do an explosive story on the Newmans. Jack unsuccessfully tried to convince Billy not to go up against Victor. Nikki told Victoria that Victor had regrets over how his decisions affected Adam’s life. Nikki was worried for Victor, but Victoria was unsympathetic. She felt that Victor had regrets about the way he’d handled Adam, but he didn’t regret the way he’d treated her over the past few months. Victoria said she was finished with Victor. Nikki thought Victoria would one day realize the importance of family and that family wasn’t forever. Nikki also mentioned that Alyssa was back. Billy and Victoria talked about Alyssa’s return. Billy had offered Alyssa a job, and she didn’t take it, but he thought he could sway her eventually. Victoria offered to help with Alyssa, but Billy thought he could handle it. Victoria expected the article to have fallout for Newman Enterprises, but she was sure that she could help the company weather the storm. Billy was impressed Victoria hadn’t forgiven Victor this time. Victoria said that wasn’t the kind of woman she was anymore.

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