Days Short Recap Thursday, September 10, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad lied to Abby about Jake thought there was something going on between him and Gwen. Chad admitted that Jake saw Gwen kissing him. Abby was furious. He said he went along with Gwen’s scheme. Abby said he let Gwen kiss him. He said it was the only way to get rid of her. Abby said she reminded her of Gabi. He said Gwen got it bad when she walked in on Gabi in bed with Jake. He said he wanted to focus on them. Jake went to Gwen’s room. She was holding the drug she used on Abby. He wanted to know why she was packing. She said she wasn’t. She said she was leaving their room and was going to Gabi’s room. She said she didn’t want to share a bed with him. She said she accepted that they were over and didn’t want a man in her life. She said she was on a mission. He wanted to know what it was. He thought she was going after Chad. She said she was glad Gabi opened her legs to Jake because it made her see who he really was.

Chad went to Jake’s room. Chad told him to stay out of the deal at DiMera. Chad ripped into him for telling Abby about him and Gwen. Chad warned him that he was a fighter. Chad told him not to push him. They ended up arguing. Chad told him to find another place to live. Gwen went downstairs and saw Abby. Gwen held on to the drug she gave Abby. Gwen apologized to Abby for what she saw. Abby asked her if she was talking about kissing her husband. Abby said she didn’t see it, but she heard about it. Gwen apologized. Gwen said she wasn’t trying to come on to Chad. She said she wanted to make Jake jealous. Abby said that didn’t work well. Gwen said she underestimated Gabi. Abby said she could relate. Gwen wanted to know if they could be friends. They made up. Gwen gave her white wine and put the drug in it. Abby ended up not drinking the wine when Chad came back and wanted to go upstairs with Abby. Belle was on the phone with Marlena. Belle talked to her about John and Shawn’s lead on Ciara. Philip snuck up on her. Belle attacked him because she didn’t know who he was. He apologized to her. She told him she thought he was Jan. He told her he wasn’t flattered. He said he thought she was locked up. She said Sami got her out. They continued to talk about Jan and Ciara. Vincent’s car blew up at the airfield. Ben called out to Ciara. He tried to go to the car, but he passed out. Hope screamed out Ciara’s name. The firefighters showed up to put out the fire. Ben was taken to the hospital. Hope went to see Ben. She told him the firefighters did everything they could.

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