Days Short Recap Friday, September 11, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Kayla talked about the pain Hope was going through because of Ciara. Justin comforted her because of it. Lani and Kristen talked about what happened to Ciara. Lani agreed to keep Rachel longer. Kristen was concerned about Eli, but she was going to handle him. Eli overheard their conversation. He wasn’t happy about what she told Kristen. Lani tried to defend Kristen, but he warned her how she may make a mistake. Sami went to the hospital to visit John and Marlena confronted her about helping Jan get out of Shady Pines. Sami tried to explain herself to her, but she wasn’t any of it. Eric and Nicole found out that the judge made her decision. Sami and Marlena continued to argue about Jan until she had to go to court. Lani defended Kristen’s actions to Eli, but he wasn’t going to cave. He thought Kristen should be caught. Kristen talked to Brady about what happened to Ciara. He wanted to go see Victor and she was upset about that. She said that she and Rachel would be gone when he got back.

Brady and Kristen argued over him going to see Victor. He tried to defend Victor and reminded her how she helped Stefano despite what he did to her family. She told him to go if it’s that important to him. He decided not to go after all. Eric and Nicole talked about Ciara’s death when Sami arrived. She was shocked by it. She thought Ben was responsible for it so Eric wanted to explain things to her. She didn’t want to hear it from him. Judge Duncan arrived in the courtroom. Lani appreciated what Eli did for Kristen. He didn’t seem to want to talk to her anymore so he left. Kristen was glad Brady decided not to go see Victor. He realized he should be there for John. The judge talked to Sami, Eric and Nicole before she rendered her verdict. The judge lifted the restraining order and allowed Eric and Nicole to see the baby. Kristen opened her door and saw Eli standing there. Brady was at the hospital with Marlena and they wondered what would happen when John woke up. John opened his eyes and moved his hands. The judge gave custody to Sami.

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