Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 9, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Shawn went to Wendy’s place to look for Vincent and Ciara. Their search turned up empty because they weren’t there. Ciara wanted to know where Vincent was taking her. He called her Wendy and didn’t want to tell her where they were going. Chad was happy that Gabi was gone so she wouldn’t be a threat to Abby anymore. Gwen thought about Abby and Chad drinking together. Gwen flashed back to Julie pouring champagne for Abby and Chad. Hope and Shawn investigated the room and found Ciara’s necklace. Ciara decided to pretend to be Wendy to mess with Vincent’s mind. Abby was suspicious about whether Gabi drugged her. She thought Gabi would have bragged about it. There was another flashback of Abby and Chad together at Julie’s Place. Gwen overheard them talking to Julie about Gabi.

Julie thought she recognized Gwen so she approached her. Hope and Shawn went to the station to tell Ben that they had a lead on Ciara. Abby had a surprise when she saw Jake at the mansion. She thought he was Stefan despite how much he denied being him. He was tired of people calling him Stefan. She believed that he wasn’t Stefan. Ciara continued to let him think she was Wendy to get him to put his guard down. She noticed the gun in his lap so she had to think of something. Hope and Shawn let Ben know that Ciara was with Vincent. Ben was released so he wanted to help them look for her. They wanted to check on a lead. Abby asked Jake about Gwen and he told her about his suspicions about her being involved with Chad. She wasn’t happy about that and confronted Chad about Jake’s accusation. He admitted that Gwen kissed him. He explained why she kissed him. Vincent took Ciara to an airfield so they could leave Salem, but she tried to escape. He was able to stop her from leaving and got her back in the car. Hope, Shawn, and Ben arrived at the airfield to look for Ciara. They saw Vincent in the car and Hope told him to get out of the vehicle. He got out, but he ran away. The car exploded with Ciara possibly in it.

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