Y&R Recap Wednesday September 9, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Sharon dealt with the news that her cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, while Rey offered support. Sharon secretly texted Adam and promised to come back and help him. Lily and Billy were both committed to making ChanceComm more diverse. They had a discussion about privilege, and Billy vowed to become a better ally. Summer had dinner with her parents. She told Nick that she thought things would always be easy with Kyle, because it took so long for them to finally get to be together. Phyllis secured a loan so she could buy Abby out of the hotel. She informed Abby of this. Rey texted Nick that things didn’t go like they hoped at Sharon’s appointment. Phyllis and Summer found out too. Alyssa went to Chelsea’s and revealed that she knew Adam killed AJ and she was writing a story about it. Chelsea told Alyssa that Adam was so broken up about what he’d done that he’d disappeared. When Alyssa wasn’t swayed by Chelsea’s attempts to get her to bury the story, Chelsea snapped that AJ got what was coming to him. Chance saw Alyssa and Chelsea arguing. Alyssa told Chelsea that she was also looking into what happened in Vegas. Chance asked Chelsea what was going on. Chelsea asked him if he’d found Adam.

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