Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 8, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby got a shock to see Chad hugging Gwen. Chad tried to explain what happened, but she introduced herself to him. Steve saw someone in his place and it turned out to be Tripp. Steve and Kayla wanted to know why Tripp was in town. Hope talked to Jennifer and Jack about what happened to Ciara. Hope thought that Vincent might have his own reasons to go after Ben. Vincent told Ciara that he just had photos of Wendy. He wanted to shoot her like a dog the way Ben did to Wendy. Tripp said he wanted to be with his family. Steve wondered why he left med school. Kayla told Tripp what happened to Ciara. Claire talked to Shawn about what happened to Ciara. He told her how they wanted to find out why Vincent continued the plan without Eve. She wanted to help. Vincent told Ciara how Wendy took care of Abby and then Ben killed her. He wanted to kill her too for keeping Ben from dying. Gwen walked out of the room so Chad asked Abby why she left the hospital. She assured him that she was emotionally stable now. Chad wanted to know if the hallucinations were gone. She said they were under control. She didn’t want him to fight her on that. Tripp told Steve that he wasn’t going back to school. Hope continued to talk to Jack and Jennifer about Vincent being up to something.

Abby wanted to know if Chad was going to fight her on being back home. He wanted the best for her. Kayla showed up at the station to be there for Hope. She told her and Jennifer how Rafe went to Mexico to help his mother. Vincent was going to stab Ciara with a syringe, but she was too fast for him. They fought over the syringe. She tried to leave the room. Tripp talked to Steve about studying in Salem to honor Haley. Tripp mentioned how he tried to ruin Kayla’s career. Chad told Abby that Gabi left town. Hope and Shawn were investigating where Vincent could have taken Ciara. Steve and Kayla met at the pub. He wanted to know if Hope found out anything about Ciara. She said that they didn’t have any leads. Chad told Abby how happy he was that Gabi was gone. He blamed her for Abby having hallucinations. Abby thought it was too bad that they couldn’t prove what she did. There was a flash back of her with Chad and they were drinking. Gwen thought about Chad and Abby drinking too. Hope and Shawn barged in the room Vincent had Ciara, but they were gone. Ciara wanted to know where Vincent was taking her. He called her Wendy, but didn’t tell her where they were going.

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