Days Short Recap Friday, September 4, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady arrived at the inn and was surprised by Kristen. He told her that she couldn’t be there because someone might recognize her. Eli went home and saw Lani with a baby. She told him she was babysitting. He asked her name and put two and two together. He wanted to know if she was Kristen’s baby. Jake was upset that Gabi left him. Gwen showed up and he wasn’t happy about it. He didn’t want her there, but she told him Chad said she could stay there. He let her know that Gabi left town. Chad talked to Kate about Jake trying to take over the company. They also talked about Gwen being at the mansion. She thought that she should go, but he wanted her to stay. Kate wondered if something was going on between them. Brady wanted to know what happened to Rachel. She told him that she was with Lani. He reminded her that she’s married to Eli and he would tell on her. Eli told Lani that she’s a cop and wanted to know why she didn’t call the police on her. He put an APB out on Kristen. Brady wanted Kristen to leave town. Lani took Eli’s phone to keep him from making the call. They went back and forth about how wrong that was. She wanted him to keep it between them.

Brady continued to tell Kristen how wrong it was for her to be in Salem. She wanted to be there for him. Lani told Eli that Kristen and Brady would be there until John was better. She pleaded with him to look the other way. He agreed to keep quiet. He ended up telling her that Gabi left town. Lani was excited about that. Chad told Kate that Gabi left town. She was happy about it, but she let Chad finished. Chad told her about Abby not being completely better, but she would be able to manage her symptoms. Gwen was happy to find out that Gabi dumped him. She told him that she was in love with him so she thought he deserved what Gabi did to him. She expected him to beg for her forgiveness. He told her that they weren’t getting back together regardless. Steve and Kayla were relaxing at home when someone walked in the door. The person looked at their picture together. Gwen talked to Chad about what Jake did to her. She told him that she was heartbroken. Kayla heard something break and Steve checked it out. Eli promised Lani that he wouldn’t tell the police about Kristen or Rachel being in Salem. Steve snuck up on the person at his place and found out it was Trip. Gwen thanked Chad for being nice to her and hugged her. Chad was in for a surprise when Abby showed up.

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