Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 3, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Lily thinks that Billy and Amanda have been flirting at work, but Billy insists he and Amanda are just friends. Victor and Chelsea worry that Adam will leave town and never return. Adam packs a suitcase and heads to Sharon’s house where Noah is angry with him for asking for Sharon’s help while she is fighting cancer. Adam tells Sharon that he is moving into a hotel because he can’t be around Chelsea and Connor until he can deal with the trauma of killing a man when he was a child. Adam sends Sharon a text with the name and address of the hotel and makes her promise not to tell Chelsea, Rey, or Victor his location. Noah pleads with Sharon not to put Adam’s problems above her health because Adam can take care of himself, but her family needs her as a part of their lives. Amanda asks Devon for something that belonged to Hilary that has her DNA so she can find out if Hilary is her sister. Devon tells Amanda he needs time to think about what Hilary would want him to do in this situation. Billy sees Amanda taking her DNA test at the office and thinks that Nate is pushing her to do something she isn’t ready to do yet. Amanda tells Billy he has no right to give an opinion on her private life since they decided they were only going to be friends. Chelsea tells Victor he should have never told Adam that he killed AJ Montalvo and he could have avoided the pain Adam is going through right now. Chelsea decides she isn’t going to let Victor and Nikki see Connor anymore because she needs to protect her child from them.

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