Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 25, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Belle that Sami was responsible for what happened to John. Belle wanted to know what she said to John, but Eric thought it was better not to talk about it. Belle wanted to know so Nicole told her. Rafe kissed Hope He apologized because he thought he took advantage of her. Ben took Ciara to the dorm where he killed Paige. She wanted to know why they were there. He told her that someone told him to bring her there. Paige appeared to Eve at the cemetery. Eve thought she was alive, but she told her that she wasn’t. Paige advised her not to go through what she was doing. Belle didn’t believe that Sami said the horrible things she said that Sami told John. Eric was shocked she eavesdropped on Sami’s conversation. Sami told Justin that he shouldn’t go through with representing Eric and Nicole. He explained why he was doing it. Hope and Rafe continued to talk about the kiss and getting closer. Ciara didn’t think she and Ben should be at the dorm. She didn’t think he should listen to the psychiatrist who told him to be there. She wanted to leave, but he stopped her. Sami didn’t understand why Justin took Nicole and Eric’s side. He explained to her that he read the letter. She got mad at him and hoped Belle wiped the floor with him. Eric told Belle and Nicole that Sami wasn’t responsible for what happened. Nicole tried to justify eavesdropping on the conversation. Rafe asked Hope if she wanted to try to work things out.

Eve didn’t think she made a mistake going after Ben. Eve told her how she wanted Paige to have a great life, but Ben has the great life. Paige wanted to know what Ciara did to her. Ciara wanted to leave the dorm, but Ben couldn’t go yet. Sami arrived at the townhouse and Belle confronted her about what she said to John. She thought Marlena told Belle, but she said it was Nicole. Paige talked to Eve about how wrong her plan was, but she didn’t want to hear it. Ben explained to Ciara how he killed Paige. Eric called Nicole out for what she did. She realized he was right, but she wanted him to be a father. Sami tried to explain what she said to John and how it wasn’t her fault. Belle didn’t want to hear it. She was upset with her and decided to quit being her attorney. Rafe and Hope talked about getting back together and decided to give it a shot. Rafe realized his alarm went on at his house. Ben continued to talk about what he did when he murdered people. Ciara tried to make him feel better, but he didn’t know whether he was the same person or not. Nicole told Justin that Sami wouldn’t have an attorney anymore. Eric wanted to know what would happen if she didn’t have an attorney. Justin talked to them about what would happen. Sami wanted Belle to go with her to the courthouse, but she didn’t want to go with her. She wanted to see John. Hope read an article about Paige’s death and realized where Eve went. Ben thought about the brainwashing he received and locked the door to the dorm. He said they couldn’t leave yet. He told Ciara that he had to kill her. Hope found Eve at the cemetery.

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