Y&R Short Recap Monday August 24, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Adam had a flashback of an argument between Hope and AJ. To Chelsea’s dismay, he insisted on seeing Sharon. Sharon and Rey agreed that she’d relax all day, but when Adam came over, she had a session with him. Adam remembered rushing at AJ, but the memory overwhelmed him so much that he ran out of Sharon’s house and didn’t return her calls. Chelsea arranged a meeting with Rey and opined that the therapy sessions were bad for Sharon and Adam. Rey wasn’t comfortable with Sharon treating anyone right now, but he trusted her to make her own decisions. Rey was bothered when he came home and found Sharon upset. He urged her to let Chelsea take care of Adam. When Chelsea couldn’t reach Adam, she had an outburst, which she directed at Sharon. Rey stood up for Sharon. Chelsea could see that Sharon was worried for Adam too. Nate and Amanda had breakfast. Devon wanted to take Elena on a short trip, and she liked the idea. Amanda was glad when Devon said her face didn’t bother him anymore. She hoped they’d become friends. He asked about her relationship with Nate. She said that neither of them were ready to call what they had a relationship yet. Devon thought Amanda made Nate happy. Elena thought the world could use more people like Nate. There was friction between Billy and Victoria because he took the day off to spend with Katie right after the acquisition. While at the park, with Billy, Katie was stung by a bee and she had trouble breathing. Billy took her to the clinic. Nate treated Katie’s allergic reaction, and she was fine. Billy expected to get blamed for Katie’s situation, but Victoria said it was no one’s fault. Victoria apologized for being too harsh on Billy over the last few months. She realized she’d been that way because she’d thought they’d grow old together and felt cheated that it wouldn’t happen. She was grateful he gave her the kids and was helping her raise them.

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